Our world is broken. Simple as that.

The problem is that of solution to the brokenness. It is not easy. I hear from the news of thousands of Christians being slaughtered in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria – thousands of other innocents whose lives are ended based on one thing – that of NOT being Muslim. There is a terror among the living called Islam which is a culture of death.

It can be argued that there are peaceful Muslim’s who live among us in America who are integrated into society and are equally appalled at what is happening in foreign lands. Yet the teaching of Mohammed through the Qur’an obviously leads to this hatred, senseless killing, destruction, and death – of this there is no doubt.

So my question is what happens when, in America, our culture is no longer strong enough nor willing to stop the advance of militant Islam among us?

As a Christian, I can think of NO justification for the mass execution of or beheading or burning of homes or destruction of lives simply based on the teachings of Christ. To become radical for Christ leads away from this kind of activity. To become radical for Mohammed (or Allah) leads directly to this kind of action.

So what are we to do about Isis, Boko Haram, other Islamic based terror? I think of the Yazidi’s in Iraq who are currently being starved on a mountain (some 40k) or face certain death by Isis if they come down. According to reports, children are being thrown down the mountain to save them from death by starvation or death by beheading. My heart BREAKS!

And I am angry. Part of me would like to be the commander of the air force and destroy the armies of ISIS, the destruction of their lives is certainly deserved. Yet I wonder how to solve this differently. And I can think of no other way.

Education? Patience? Forgiveness?

Except for a sudden, miraculous intervention of God [which could happen], I can see no solution other than a forceful stopping of the forces of evil called Islam. If Islam is not this, then where is the outrage among the Imam’s, the general Muslim population? Are they so cowardly as to not stand up? And where is the outrage against ISIS among the American Christians while our brothers and sisters are being tormented and killed? We are silent. I am silent. And my heart breaks.

While not in despair, I am frustrated to be handing my children a world that is moving away from Biblical Christianity for a foundation and toward darkness and hate.

So I pray. Jesus, change our world. You alone can bring order out of chaos and hope out of brokenness. To you we turn to stop this terror and heal. We don’t understand – but we trust. Jesus, we trust.


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