Thinking about leadership…

I have a desire.

Not just any. But I don’t think that I often put it into words. That desire focuses on the real need for real leaders to be seen, heard, understood, and emulated. I want to be part of developing a culture at the church I lead that embraces new, young, inexperienced leaders and also recognizes and celebrates the leaders that are experienced, insightful, wisdom filled. This continual struggle to develop and empower plays in my heart, but very often doesn’t find voice. That has to change.

Our culture is forcing the hand of spiritual leadership to rise up and be what we we are called to be – Christ Followers with no regrets! If we led like that, our churches would be radically transformed. If we raised up leaders like that, our communities would be radically impacted. So, I am on this journey of discovery for my own leadership to find out what it takes to become that kind of leader. I have had moments of it in the past, and currently there are moments that present themselves – but I need something different – a calculated, well-thought out, progressive leadership experience for the young and young at heart. This is my hearts cry and this is what I must do.

Looking for others to join me. And for insights as we go!


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