The Struggle for Hearts

As I write this, the news crossing my screens is pretty dire. 30+ tourists killed in Tunisia. Suicide attack in Kuwait. Beheading in France. And on the American front, I read about the decision made by the Supreme Court that radically transforms marriage. What a divergent flood. And all this is pecking at hearts.

For years, I have spent time with younger adults – listening, learning. At stake in our culture are the hearts of a generation. There is an assault on the foundations of Biblical Christianity that is unmistakable. And all the news from today just bring to focus the problem. ISIS is fighting for the hearts of a generation that is hungry for meaning and purpose beyond themselves. A demonic Islamic ideology that perverts hearts and results in death. Literally for thousands upon thousands.

And wading into deep cultural waters for us in America, we see the battle for hearts in the name of acceptance and tolerance. But running amok is the misguided assertion that same-sex marriage is marriage. Without definition, we will fall. And the church has idly succumbed to passiveness. And I fear that soon, because of the cultural rot and decay, religious persecution will become the norm, focused on Christian faith. We will no longer be able to practice our belief in marriage because of a Christian foundation – it will be usurped by an ideology that values one-sidedness. What is now celebrated as inclusive will quickly excluded Christianity. That will be the next skirmish in this battle for the hearts of our generation, and the one’s coming up.

As Christians, we find ourselves in a quandary. We are at odds now with the Supreme Courts’ decision on same-sex marriage. And will increasingly find ourselves at odds with society’s view of right and wrong. Yet, we must proclaim biblical truth, especially now in the face of turmoil and crumbling foundations. The hearts of my children, and yours, are at stake.



4 Replies to “The Struggle for Hearts”

  1. Things will continue to get worse as the generations pass and we no longer have a country. Maybe that’s why there isn’t any mention of the U.S. in the Bible. We already destroyed ourselves. That’s the way Americans are…always trying to help God out!

    On a more serious note, I fear for my children (almost to the point of regret having them) and what they will have to face. This is not the kind of world I want them growing up in. I know the future belongs to the Lord. It just breaks my heart that my children will have to walk these paths. May He always guide them! And may his Spirit penetrate the hearts of those who share those same paths Amen.

    1. Jason, I agree that it is a scarier world for our kids than ours was. But I also think that we have an opportunity as Christ followers and parents to present our children with real God-moments as we lead them. There is a bleakness for sure, but Christ’s transformative power reaches our culture as well.

  2. Excellent read! Thanks for sharing. Praying for our country and the leadership. I struggle with the thought that my ancestors assumed the US would be their land of opportunity. While it did give much to be thankful for, there’s been struggles and let downs throughout their journey. Was the simple country life so bad for them? I find it very appealing right about now! I guess just as we want the best for our children, they wanted the same so we ended up here, in the good ol’ midwest.

    Thankful and proud of our country, but let down by the decisions made. Heaviest thought for me right now is: Does a heterosexual marriage have the same meaning that it once had? I’m not sure…

    1. Angie, I do think that the definition has changed for sure. But a legal change does not remove the power of true marriage from the covenant that it is between one man and one woman. I will continue to support marriage, and push for it and its ideals, as revealed in the Bible and that has been accepted as such for thousands of years. Blessings! Good insight!

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