Rich Wooten is the husband of Shellie, father of Kelsey, Kayla, Jace & Katherine, owner of Watson (the dog) and hopeful rebuilder of a 1974 Ford Bronco. I have been a pastor at three different churches in Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois over the past 22 years – each time on a multi-pastor staff. 

I am deeply concerned with trends within our culture that are leading away from the Cross of Christ as central to meaning and fulfillment. I am taking steps to help grow stronger followers of Christ and develop new young leaders by challenging the status quo of spiritual life.

I welcome feedback and insight from all…


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Based on your about me, what do you think is the biggest deception and biggest obstacle that hinders followers of Christ from growing and acting upon their responsibilities as Christians?

    1. I think that most of the time it is simple complacency. I fight it for sure. We have all the access we could ever want in the most available forms for spiritual growth and maturity – but we usually settle for where we are now. This is sad but true. What do you think?

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